Discover PolluteCheck

The solution to effective "Pollution Checking Data Management"

User Friendly

The data entry process is simple and the software is easy to use. It saves a lot of paper work that would otherwise be needed in pollution checking data management.

Ideal for Small Traders

It is an affordable software for the people who are new to this bussiness.

Fast Performance

Registration process of a vehicle in the software is real quick. It can be done in a few minutes saving a lot of time.

Unique in its own ways

PolluteCheck is a software that can be beneficial in the pollution checking and pollution data management business. It is an affordable software that helps the owner to store a vehicle's pollution data. It saves the registration number, validity, model year and pollution level along with the picture of the vehicle with some other minor data specifics. It also stores the information about the owner of the vehicle. All this information can then printed for further reference or for giving as receipt to the owner. The advanced search feature also helps us to retrieve the data of a particular vehicle within seconds. All the data can easily be backed up and restored on another computer, if desired.

Know the creator

Sumit Mehta

The developer of PolluteCheck is Sumit Mehta, an independent IT consultant and a software engineer in India. He has done his Masters in Computer Applications (MCA) from IGNOU. He has been working in Microsoft technologies for the past ten years and his area of specialisation is web development.

The idea behind PolluteCheck was to provide the people with a pollution related data storage software. Pollution checking softwares are available at higher costs as they are accompanied with a pollution measuring equipment. This does not help the people who already have a device but need a data storage or management software. This is done by PolluteCheck at a very reasonable cost.

Pollution Checking Data Management Software By Sumit Mehta