"Add New Vehicle"

This screen is the heart of the PUC (Pollution Under Control) software as you add all the new data using this screen. It collects all the basic vehicle and customer details along with an option to set the picture of the vehicle (either by selecting a pre-saved image or by using the in-built webcam or any other external webcam attached to your laptop/computer).



"Add New Vehicle" (Contd.)

"Add New Vehicle" screen also gives you the option to add new types of gases that you want to provide measurements for. Examples are CO%, HC PPM etc. More than one type of gases can be recorded for a vehicle.



Search Vehicles Data

This is one place to search the data in the software catalogue. Vehicles are searched against two catalogues: Old data archive catalogues as well as the current data catalogue. Data archive catalogues are created periodically when the current data catalogue exceeds certain amount of data records. This is done to keep the performance of the software unaffected. The "Search" screen not only searches the current data catalogue but also all the old data archive catalogues.



Search Vehicles Data (Contd.)

The search filters provide you a fine-grained control over what you are looking for. Just fill any/all the filter options to narrow down your search.



Print "Pollution Control Check Certificate"

You can quickly print the pollution control check certificate to give it over to the customer. It has:

  • the vehicle data

  • details of the customer

  • vehicle image

  • vehicle pollution levels

  • basic data like date and time when the certificate is printed, along with extra details like the details of the petrol pump (optionally set by the user in the 'Settings' screen explained later)



Set your "Own" settings

You can use this screen to set your own information like your email address, your authorized station code, your address and your contact information. This screen is also used enter your license key to activate the software. Some of this information like authorized station code, address and your contact information is printed in the "Pollution Control Check Certificate" along with some extra information that you may want to be printed. You can also add that extra information in this screen. Using this screen, you can quickly take/restore the whole backup of the data and migrate it to another system. 'Backup' button takes the snapshot of the entire data and asks you to choose a location to save this snapshot file. You can then restore this snapshot file using the 'Restore' button after installing and activating 'PolluteCheck' on the other computer. In case of any issues/errors, you can use the 'Export Logs' button to export the software logs to a location of your choice and then e-mailing that saved file to the developer at [email protected].